Staples Center Community Benefits Agreement

Kingsbridge Armory, New York City – In 2013, kingsbridge Armory Alliance, a coalition of several Bronx community groups, signed an agreement with the developer for the Kingsbridge National Ice Center to transform a former military armoured vehicle into a hockey sports complex. The CBA guaranteed living wages, allocated 51 percent of jobs that are not under construction to local workers, and set up a developer-funded grant for residents to learn how to install and maintain the developer`s geothermal and solar electricity systems. In response to these challenges, the CBA model was created in the late 1990s to enable communities most affected by economic development projects to participate in the planning process and ensure that existing communities have development benefits. [4] For developers, negotiations with community representatives can be an attractive way to get community support and advance their projects. Participation in CBA negotiations can eliminate surprises in the development approval process and allow developers to work with a unified coalition rather than having to involve community organizations one after the other. [5] The spectre of broad community opposition to the project, which required significant land use diversions and urban grants, gave the municipality the leverage to negotiate one of the most comprehensive CBAs to date. The agreement states that it should be used to “provide publicly accessible parking, open spaces and recreational facilities; Create employment opportunities for residents near the Figueroa corridor; Provide sustainable and affordable housing Provide basic services to the Figueroa Corridor community; Address traffic, parking and public safety issues. The CBA contained reporting obligations and established a committee to oversee and implement the agreement and maintain dialogue between the developer and the coalition. The CBA has also been included in the development contract between the developer and the city`s municipal rehabilitation authority, so that it can be implemented by both the city and the contract groups.